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I want to hear about how did mohammed deal with the jews he turned on his heel and strode away and in that moment this girl her she suddenly realized that he the middle east department chairman had lied to her and it's a friend of her parents told the truth in that moment she flipped. It was like okay he lied. You told the truth bruce so that's a little story about trying to bring truth through university which is a difficult process because you and i are both trained in in some form of of science and i was taught something called critical thinking factor fact-based reasoning and that used to be considered the highway. That's the high standard of all thought. Process is it. It's logical argonne rational but now than their professors who tell me that if it's rational that just a form of white supremacy i mean we now are denigrating very foundation of the university university which is rat fact-based reasoning and the universities are committing suicide but doing this makes me very sad because offer society we will be holding debates on this issue not screaming yelling at me that i don't know anything about what i'm doing. Well so basically what he's saying is your white skin. Trumps trumps any ideas he had to make some sense in are even decent. Yes they could say the worst thing you can have is to be racist or condemn me because of the color of my skin. That's like well. That's the high point of left-wing reasoning but and and the point i see right now too is our society is doing doing this and they're allowing it to tribalize so the raw against each other. I don't care what skin color people.. i do care though that they think their political system which is a religious system which is the same him and one and islam is very unique compared to other religions even hindu they have the viewpoint that they should influence you in your inferior by by the very nature and they need to take over you. I don't think any other religion does that on earth do you. I know that i know it doesn't in it's llamas islam is when you first study as long. You may think well. It's kind of like us. It's similarly as similar. It's either. They got a concept one. God for instance what you discover the more you look at it. There's not one single thing and islam that is exactly what we have nothing that is they don't have a real golden rule of ethics instead. They have their own rule which is a muslim. I'm ozone is a brother and a sister to every other moslem but does that. Where am i on that well. It turns amount and also you remember where islam basically worships ally which is a moon war. Mecca medina is not the same god reminded reminded jacob the god of the universe and we hear sometimes idiots like this jesuit pope pushing crews lomb trying to say it's the same god. It's not in fact. I remember one of my friends actually showed me the any mosque of omar round the stone of abraham there they'd written in arabic that it says allah had no son but he had three daughters and actually names miriam the has three daughters so a lot had daughters which are goddesses but no oh son so another saying there's no such thing as a real connection to christianity and the idea that god if it was the same god had a son call you shula which is the incarnation of the father in the flash so this is a very straightforward thing that said there and the guys showed me was a christian who was a stonemason family did stonemason birkin in jerusalem for thousands of years. He was actually rebuilding the church of the holy sepulcher and the russian orthodox church in east jerusalem. So these lying muslims they consider lying actually a sacrament duffy. Well mohammed repeatedly advised muslims to deceive the kaffir it who had advanced this law so now think about that as an ethical principle in business. Let's say that you're in business with a man he's muslim. Everything seems to be jake. It's <hes> he he sees..

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