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In the courts then they would in. The senate is the only way to make this work. Yeah a civil is just like you know you've got it is different. It's a different set of laws. When you file something civil you can be held accountable for other levels of accountability when his example the oj simpson case. He got off with the murder charge. But he lost in the civil corps right because it's a different level of burden of proof and you go at it from different things. He has to be held accountable for what happened on that day. And you would think as we talked about off the air that since there was so. Many congressmen and senators lives at risk. He has to be accountable but guess what them same senators whose life was at risk voted to acquit. I know that's the weird part of me now. But they're still holding on to that base and that's what that's all about this the cowardice. Oh the republican leadership they're more afraid of donald trump in anything and eighteen votes are going to convert data. I don't think. I think they misplayed this muscle to well okay. We're moving on coming up at the top of the hour We have some sports news for you right after this. You're listening to my name. Is rita k. I am ellen bernstein brodsky. This is your grandmother. What emmanuel and podcast about the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren as my mother would have said taka who wouldn't have wanted a jewish grab the sometimes she accidentally livestreams. We're like who's going to tell her up just hearing about this. Now listen to call your grandmother on the iheartradio app apple podcast while eddie you get your debts all right. We mentioned at the top of the hour. Juniors out today the nephews in junior this time that sounds with say you know what we got some sad news today we have a thirty eight year old former. Nfl wide receiver. Vincent jackson was found dead monday in brandon. Florida hotel room According to the hillsborough county. Florida sheriff's office. Vincent jackson last played in the nfl in two thousand sixteen with tampa bay buccaneers. Police said there were no apparent signs of trauma and there is an open investigation into the cause of his death. Buccaneers owner and co-chairman bryan glazer said in a statement. That jackson was a consummate professional and his greatest achievement as a buccaneer or the four consecutive. Nominations he earned as walter payton man of the year so iheart go out to this young man right here all right. We don't want to miss the vincent jackson. Now watch me. Flip the script and other sports news x. Nfl stop pacman. Jones was arrested early monday morning in cincinnati at getting into a huge fight in a bar. Tmz sports released the video of the wildfires that lead to the arrest of thirty seven year old pacman jones. The video shows several people throw on. Boss kills while bystanders screen. For everyone to stop back. It wasn't clear. Pacman was throwing barstools or not but he was visible in the video as the fight. Calm down one. Witness stated pacmans onto rise left the bar around one. Am and when they tried to return security wouldn't let them backing insult. Pacman a grisly pushed his way in and then knocked. The security got out literally kicked the security guard in head multiple times before before staff stepped in and broke it all up. Pacman was booked on one count of misdemeanor assault. That's what's happening in sports right now that i don't think happened in sports. And how dare you overlook the grievous sad news. That's coming out at a texas. Let me point this out. Not only has two quarterback deshaun watson requested a trade. We know bay watt. We know that asked to be released by the texas. The texans have released. Jj watt they have your best officer player going your best wide receiver going. And now you'll best defensive player man you such a skull outstanding student every body votes out of houston right now. What the hell is going on this. Go down the list westbrook. Don't chris. paul is gone. James harden has gone yes d- hop is gone d. j. Jj watt is its own today wahdan. Yeah and and the shawn watson has gone. We're not to sound watson has not. The sun is not left yet. I'm sure we'll be going. He will yes but it has. It's not official yet stuff all his twitter feed and everything. Okay that's my. That's what you holding on listeners. Do whereabout show team. What is cleveland. Whereabouts was playing in the playoff. Y'all is was at the hell. I miss i this all the time. I need you try to spoil gloss over. What's happening with the texans. That regular ass football tea industry judas morning. I'm not gonna do this what you want the same thing. Okay don't do it with me this morning. okay don't all i'm saying. Is this whereabout cleveland. Let me figure out what to do with these texas. I bet you figured it out. What is going to coach. You ain't got no money to keep nobody surely you ain't gonna be in sports anyway. Require in about a damn generator about the damn texans. I think you've come out. We'll be back in twenty minutes after right after this. You're listening to morning show a brutal winter storm has hit a huge portion of the country dumping large amounts of snow. If you've been watching the news you've been seeing below freezing. Temperatures icy conditions all over millions of homes are without electricity and the icy roads lead to pilots on the highways around the country. Also a deadly tornado ripped through southeastern north carolina. Late monday night causing major devastation and claiming three lives sad to say So we're just asking that you guys please stay safe. You know as you wait for power to be restored in your home's Time.

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