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A lot of really then even i can understand call right now at eight four four ratio before four r a y s h o w this is the ray lucia show very much thank you don't get data excited it's not going to be that no it's gonna be a beautiful beautiful show today thank you tuning in eight four four race show here's the number if you wanna get on board the one talk show in america that helps you make better money moves that's what we're all about here talk about what j p morgan wall street g had to say about when the market's going to crash he should know daniel pinto the co president of j p morgan that's on the docket also sports betting getting the green light what's on call sam gonna do about that you go online and you make some money you're gonna have to pay taxes you better believe it also ben carlson wrote on a couple of subjects that we've discussed before in this program only ben dissect it a little bit further i want to share that with you lump sum investing versus dollar cost averaging which one is the best strategy now in light of current valuations and then this technical thing called the two hundred day moving average at so many of these weekend shows live and die by i am not a technician i don't believe in technical analysis and alex plane why that's all coming up today on today's ray lucia program but let's start with what daniel pinto had to say about the market and the economy today so daniel pinto very very smart guys argentina and by the way and worked his way all the way up from a currency trader in buenos aires to the copresident of j p morgan see anybody can get there from here i guess if you work hard what a dream job that is he's expected he might be one of the two people that over replaced ceo jamie dimon who's been around the block for quite a long while i mean these guys make bank.

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