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What do you think new zealand. This left out wide new zealand. Get the fuck that of the earth. It is weird we should do something about pompeii one day. 'cause pompes fire to job story real interesting so again and maybe because that's fucked In the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries it was thought by geologists that the age of the earth was around two hundred million years because of radioactivity. Dating had not came into use so geologically epochs were believed to have occurred a much later time than we thought dow in today like we've realized that the earth's probably a lot more than we think it is. Everyone's heard about that though right. According to traditional the osophy the lee mirian route ways began thirty four and a half million years ago in the middle of what was then believed to be jurassic thus the people of myriad coexisted with dinosaurs. So exciting fine fine. But they didn't didn't madame like channel. This isn't this how she came to this information that she channel it. Of course i mean. That's the way that all occult knowledge is acquired. Basically have to believe that this person is speaking to some sort of a theory being and they're getting something that's transcribed directly from a consciousness. That is something we you know. The average person can't tap into this chick named barbara fucking barbara some bullshit and she channels palladian supposedly and it is fucking so convincing man. She literally like her whole voice structure in the tones. Inner voice changes completely. We the lumiere are get him on the radio and we are coming together because you have to understand though to world news to unite like stocks like that it's like she's switch breeze and all of a sudden comes back and she's fucking is. It's convincing chickens a very good actress or it's legit or some other things talking to yeah possible because he's channel something what are we talking about meshing like fucking with the ouija board and ship back in the day. Is that myself. I now i beginning older. I don't know what the fuck i was talking to you whereas kid you think you're talking spirits older. I started using by myself because my jamaican told me not to play by myself and going to do it. Why not see what happens. So and then we did. Tell me that. I have nine spirits. Attached to me and that some are good in summer bad but as older started researching gained the reptilian ideas in the theories on that. I thought that maybe i was talking to something. That wasn't even sh- dead something. That was an alien was communicating through the board which is a massive possibility. Because i could have. Ed told me like i could have made the shit up in my own head because they told me craziest. So there's before i told me mom reptilian this crazy jazz and i don't know exactly what i was talking about talking to. You wants to start to realize that. Maybe it wasn't dead. It the board fed into that fucking weird man. My philosophy on ouija board has always been the reason they warn. Play with yourself is because if you hear something you don't wanna hear you're less likely to be able to handle it mentally. I guess but you can't really pass it off as oh well fuck in. You know josh was fucking moving the thing or you know. Dan was moving the thing. You can just feel like i was version there so it must be real and then you start doing your that weird whitehead space where you're going in and you're like adjusting your own memories to fucking like that show work. I noticed that it moved. Something pulled fucking hands. I felt it numerous times. Know for sure. It's scared the share. Me but i was just do. I'll put the fucking ouija board drunk man which is like ridiculous. I'm like sixteen seventeen. Amock fuck opinion drunk moving in talking to the weirdest fucking things that could park. Imagine but the idea of why. Maybe we'll get back into weird calls this stuff near halloween or something like that but the idea is that. Why don't play by yourself. Because the spirit essentially channel through everyone at the circle and go through all the different energies of your body's and then you say goodbye and they essentially have to leave. But if you play it by yourself and you don't close the circle property or bubble blah. Then you can be attacked can be attached onto you in this thing can follow you around. And this is what david eick said. That certain psychic scene is these parasitic entities that had the shadow shape. Reptilian or blah blah blah. Keeps saying that this sabaot blah to this is attached to their certain shock. Resin these things hold onto the people essentially. Yeah absolutely trippy. Man can debating on getting rid of all episodes redoing them because when justin round where drink a lot and we were kind of ridiculous. So if you go back in the podcast like ours debate on redoing cramp. I got what i want to do. Because the cramp is one was funny because he was on there. Where just drunk shit. But we started this podcast off getting pretty pretty drunk very messy. It was definitely a fun way to get into stuff though enjoyable listening back in the day. Yeah yeah we used to get faulk manners about twenty hour so the mirian race was much taller and bigger than the current race and the first three sub races of the miriam's reproduce by laying eggs. All they're like chickens bok bok fucking shit on the ground snakes of the reptilians buck. And telling you y'all could be man fucking having with. I mean that almost means my head. They're not connected to humanity. Not humans are one thing. I trusted lays platypus. They're still around. Yeah really to be endangered by now. I know i have never seen a life. I've never seen someone film one. I've never seen any of that shit. They have poisonous barbs on there a fucking hind legs. That's what i know. it's hard clicks. Awesome yeah so they lay eggs. How could they be related to humankind their mantles. They're not. I don't know that. The related humankind with their mantles. Because they're furry and they. I think they give milk. There's some weird shit that turns them into mammals duckbilled. They give milk and then they lay eggs which makes them technically puck in two different things. Yeah it's fucking weird so beginning. Sixteen and a half million years ago was the fourth sub race and they began to reproduce like modern humans fucking as maria was slowly submerged due to the volcano eruption. Marion's colonized the area surrounding the maria namely africa. Southern india east indies and the descendants of the mirian ru race according to traditional theo sophy included the cap ward race and the con- george race and the davidians and the australian race which is like.

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