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We've got the centers for vaulter gannex. We've got the sensors for telling you if you're in a fire zone. I mean this where they're pushing the industry and then of course making it all one system whether it's nest or we talked about echo and basically making this a smart house and that's what they're really you know pushing and so if you've got a really big house like a house that's ten thousand square feet. Maybe one hundred thousand square feet. I find it very challenging. That you're going to be able to do these types of systems effectively so i think the size of the house is going to decrease only because if you're going to go a smart home for energy efficiency and everything else. They're going to try to push a smaller home. That's my opinion. Well the people that have the money for ten to one hundred thousand women house. They're gonna wanna ten thousand square foot house and we'll just last is villages or gay. The master bedroom suite is one village. Has its own system..

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