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They can score they play really good defense and they come from behind to beat golden state last night there four days zero and shot her bad they shot thirty three percent golden state shot forty percent the biggest difference here's what draymond green brought up after the game as they got that align thirty eight times that boston uh and the warriors line nineteen time twelve point scored by the golden state and thirty three by boston from the free throw line and that was the difference because they shot horribly in this game so you and take that for boston i mean coming back and winning this game a lot of it because of free throws but shooting that bad and still coming back and win that game i i'm i'm sure a lot of people are surprise i don't think many people you see hayward go down other going fourteen game winning streak again i keep saying it's going to level out at some point the lose what see because they keep winning but man they they're making it very interesting for all of us who keep saying it's going to be golden state in cleveland in the finals again the foul shots for what it's worth boston took twenty five in the second half golden state took 8 foul shots career having with seven for seven from the line and clutch time yesterday golden state only made five foul shots in the entire second half and then as you mentioned steph curry was asked afterwards about the possibility that instead of his annual visit to cleveland in the rock and roll hall of fame i they might spend some time in boston this june very very likely now nicholson roberson beat cleveland who's done it three years in a row and see where the weather's ray here in june so now it is about equal in boston and cleveland in.

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