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Be able to run on taking away medical services for the people any politician from this time on any country. United States England's Europe. Whatever if they say we're going to give medical services to everybody regardless of their income or anything. That person will win you know. So it's it's GonNa Change the division of politics in certain in a certain way. I hope for the better because one of the positive things of war and there are positive things. Actually WE'RE NOT. Is that usually Society comes out changed and technology always makes great leaps after a war because of war. We have atomic power because of war. We have the Internet and things like that and because of where research and so if this is a word that means that the medical complex will have enormously after it's over and that's a positive thing but I we have to look through. It does make me appreciate the how terrifying biological wars could be sorry the MSCI appreciate how terrifying biological wars like. That is that this was an intentional thing we did. This is that it is right now. So the whole the whole conspiracy or I don't know if it's conspiracy the whole theory about It perhaps being man made and everything I liked to collect data before. I say that anything actually is arisen but I mean like a before before we started recording. I was saying that Yesterday there was this social media moment here in Italy where they released a video that had been recorded on like a new show five years ago and in that video. They said There's these Chinese scientists and they're working on Cobra virus or corona virus Bats in a secret laboratory in China and some.

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