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Good company to be in. Here's what released today. Along with some other announcements, Catherine full body is out today on switch. It's a game that originally released on playstation three and xbox three sixty back in two thousand eleven, and it kind of served as a quick change of pace for the persona team. It's basically a narrative puzzle game about relationships and becoming an adult, the full body version adds a fair bit of additional content, including a new third love interest named Rin new cut scenes, narrative content, and a bunch of fun persona content, including the option to play as persona fives, protagonist joker. The whole game was apparently poured into persona five's engine for the full body release. The additions are pretty extensive. Super limit is out today on switch playstation four and xbox one. It released for PC late last year. It's a game about perspective and using perspective to solve puzzles. It's kind of hard to explain without seeing it in action, but basically you can manipulate the sizes of objects in an environment based on your perspective. Things far away. Look small, so they are small things up close. Look big, so they are big. It's very strange and interesting, and it's one I have been very curious about in short videos. It looks really cool but it. It is one of those mechanics I worry about being to versatile to the point of the puzzles, just being confusing. I am eager to try it out after a leak a few weeks ago. Kingdoms of Omolo re reckoning is now a real video game that is releasing this year. The announcement was made official with a pre rendered trailer, showing a woman fighting a bunch of monsters and seeing a monster emerged from portal. It's coming to PC. Playstation four and xbox one, but not switch sadly with upgraded visuals and new content on September eighth. Publisher T. H Q Nordic has also announced that the game will receive an expansion in twenty twenty, one with fits worm, which is kind of wild. The press release for the game says additional details will follow, but I am curious. Who is making that expansion? It's kind of like getting small sequel, which is great also announced today. East origin will be coming to switch east origin is a Prequel to the east series that originally released in Japan in two thousand six, and has been ported to various other platforms years. The game is being published by Dot e a company that specializes in elevating and modernizing classic games for modern platforms. There is an unlisted trailer for ORCS must die three floating around the Internet right now. That shows a bunch of game play and lists the game as a stadia exclusive, or at least a time stadia exclusive that says things like you can play right now, but the trailer is not set to go public until next week. It seems so ORCS, must I three is coming soon and at least for the time being be stadia exclusive, it will also have a two player online co op mode. I played the first. ORCS MUST I reviewed it for game informer? It's basically a tower defense game crossed with a third person crossbow shooter, and I found it to be a very stressful game, but also recognized it as being well made. I'm curious to see if it moves the needle at all for stadium.

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