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Need help here's bill Cameron Pritchard says plans are in the works to perhaps dispatch the Illinois National Guard to help hospitals set up a tent or an outbuilding near the emergency room but outside of that so the people who might have coded nineteen aren't traipsing into the emergency room and possibly giving it to somebody else and for school or that someone could die if others pass around the virus in groups rather than fifty celebrating St Patrick's day bill Cameron eight ninety W. last name is president trump issuing new guidelines saying Americans should avoid gatherings of more than ten people don't travel as possible as far as the polls well I leave that up to the states it's a big thing postponing an election I think to me that really goes to the heart of well we're all about I think postponing elections a very tough thing I know they're doing because they've been in touch with us to doing it very carefully Illinois schools are closed today Chicago public schools offering three days of meals per student to be picked up there's a possibility that school closures will last beyond the thirtieth of this month hospitals are canceling elective surgeries AMC theaters are closed for the next six to twelve weeks secretary state closing driver's license facilities waiving fees for any expiration for the next thirty days down north shore health system has developed its own task for the cove in nineteen and is going through rapid FDA approval there are a limited number of tests health officials urging if you have mild symptoms please stay home save testing for the seriously ill stocks indices bounced around in early trading today as investors are trying to regroup from Monday's historic losses the markets are rebounding right now but they do remain highly volatile so the Dow is up by about a hundred fifty points the fed will buy short term loans from the banks and companies to try to smooth the flow of credit while the White House proposing a roughly eight hundred fifty billion dollar economic rescue package looking for swift passing on this to move this along vaccine testing under way the first clinical trial began yesterday in Seattle now the governor is gonna give his daily briefing at two thirty PM central time vice president pence and the White House task force set to speak at ten thirty AM central time and we are going to carry that live right here on W. well less news time ten oh three take a look at the roads right now everything is smooth with the inbound Eisenhower rollover accident causing solid traffic between home in Laramie the entrance ramp at home and is close.

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