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Say my name i feel like it's such an honor to be able to play football and then to play in an organization where you know at any given year for the last ten fifteen years you're going to be there at the end in some capacity it just makes me feel like you've been given this unbelievable opportunity you all go in with the same chances every year you guys are the ones that are left they are standing you wanna complain about money complain about money but don't complain it's too hard or bill belichick is too hard on me or or i can't deal with all the pressures of being here because you're one of the few people that get to wear one of those rings that everyone else seems to covet in this league that like chris like you worked your whole career you never got one of those rings so i have a hard time processing both do you as a fan do you understand my perspective of course i would love ring i wouldn't trade my career for for been to win a ring but one in the ring is very very special that's what they do also besides soldier beside the guys who had complaints leaving new england i want you to look back and see where they were when new england found them may sold it was high draft pick but the rest of the players bella check makes these players in the something look up dion lewis resume all right look up his great staff that he's had absent of new england all every team in the nfl could have had him in dollas well okay so all these guys made a constant choice to go somewhere and the coach actually made them better and the coach put them in a position that they wouldn't have gotten the paychecks that they got if it wasn't for bella check so be careful in your complaining all right be careful because it is football and there's a certain amount of sacrifice that's everywhere so it's not always the grass is greener there is a different level of commitment in new england there's a different level of stress that goes with the job but all thirty two teams there's a great deal of stress and i just i and this won't surprise you jin i i feel totally opposed to where you're at on this i don't think football players should be considered a different bucket than any of us in.

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