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Are vaping I've got a problem most of its flavored the ban goes into effect tomorrow and last one hundred twenty days and the governor plans to ask the legislature to make that ban permanent temperatures could reach thirty five degrees tomorrow that would tie the record low set on that day in nineteen sixty seven TV chief meteorologist Morgan Palmer this is rather unusual normally we don't hit these sorts of temperatures for the first time in the fall until the last week of October first week of November extremely dry windy weather has prompted Pacific gas electric to cut power to millions of customers in California to reduce the risk of wildfires a generator is a lifeline if your grocery store facing a power shut off that's the sound of a life line if you are a homeowner with a freezer full of food bags of ice being re stocked and they were hard to find I went everywhere and forget trying to get water was still in stock but forget trying to get something like a nice restaurant like that that was going for days Holly Quan for CBS news Oakland California overseas Turkish forces have launched a military operation against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria this comes one day after the trump administration withdrew US troops from the region the Kurdish fighters help the US fight isis was about seventy thousand ISIS cruisers and our families in detention camps controlled by the Syrian democratic.

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