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Obviously in that was that was a big hit song. yes Rangers strangers yes. what did you hope that people would take away from that song at the time and what do you hope people take away from it listening to it now in twenty nineteen. that with the small action you can change the world. I'll give you an example. the guy call Frank I think his last name is well I think he was a janitor at the Watergate hotel. now we had a small black and white TV was probably watching the game maybe a light beer underneath his desk. he has to at ten o'clock at night you know go around and see the check all of those what's going on as a janitor does. and he went to one floor in the Watergate hotel any notice this tape keeping the door open. okay now Frank has a decision to make. do I go back to my game and my light beer and just forget this or do I investigate why this tape is on the door. that small action by that janitor brought down the president of the United States. small action you can change the world. it's the pebble in the pond yes indeed. at the time when you're writing songs in this record came out seventy one it was the late sixties what was your reaction to the civil rights movement. and to African Americans. standing up in various different ways. trying to get people to trying to get their rights it's one of the things that I loved about this country that we do have problems and we will talk about that I mean look at what's going on today I mean the trump administration is it is driving a lot of people crazy you know what day it seems to of sent a Merica down a certain road unfortunately I humbly believe that it's going backwards these on doing a tremendous amount of work that was done in the last fifty years to particularly in the environment. to make the world a better place in order to make the F. clean out to make the water clean up you know with a lot of a lot of good work is being done by this administration and this great country deserves better I believe. are you writing about it is this it's a difficult thing to write about because there's so many things that I feel is wrong or with what's going on it's very difficult to find the simple phrase that sums it all up I have been I've been dabbling in painting I having no idea what I'm doing but out of fury about the administration I I've been I've been painting and that's how it's coming out of me right now that's interesting had ever painted before no. huh what what made you go into the store and buy the paint hadn't blacker where I went I just wanted to say I just wanted to get my anger my Fiori out of myself it's it's it's it's. you know it it's detrimental to have a you know this feeling inside of me I need to get it out and and one of the ways is is with the small strange little paintings do you feel better after you pay yes of course. I feel better when I created something I I I like to create something every single day I I don't know are always do it but I need to I need to create every day. my guest is Graham Nash will have more with Graham after a quick break listen to all of it on WNYC WNYC supporters include instinct on behavior.

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