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Fine. Maria, leave some good and bad news regarding the beat w Parkway. The good news much-needed pothole repairs are coming sooner than originally planned. What we're going to be doing is putting down a new kind of patching that. We're hoping is going to improve driving conditions until we're able to start a long term project completely repaved the Parkway sometime in mid April, the national park service's Jonathan Schaeffer says work will begin on Friday and parts of the BMW Parkway will be closed this weekend because of it. The southbound lanes between Maryland route one ninety eight and one ninety seven will close Friday night through five AM Saturday. This is going to be after rush hour Friday night, the northbound lanes in the same area will close from seven thirty Saturday night till five AM Sunday police in West Virginia have detained a driver. They say had an explosive powder and threatened to kill President Trump and blow up. The Pentagon state police and kings woods are king would rather said in a news release that the forty two year old driver was stopped for speeding near Bruce. John mills a firearm and an explosive powder were found inside the vehicle. The interstate was shut down for four hours for what state police said was an in-depth investigation. The suspect's name has not been immediately released along with any information about what his motive was President Trump. Meanwhile, person in the nation's highest military award for bravery to the family of Travis Atkins, a staff sergeant who turned himself into a human shield against an Iraqi suicide bomber and save the lives of three fellow soldiers. With the presentation of the medal of honor. The president said the Atkins will be remembered for making the ultimate sacrifice every time we see our stars and stripes waving in the sky. We will thank. Great Travis, and we will think of every American hero who gave their last breath to defend our liberty and our homeland and our people and our great American flag. Arlington county police today rounding up nine people as part of an operation working alongside the feds regarding who and trafficking. It's all part of an effort to crack down on human trafficking, all told we may nine arrest are eight misdemeanor charges and two felony charges related to the operation. Public information officer, Ashley savage with Arlington county, police we use various investigative methods to identify those that were advertising through classified ad prostitution with the hopes to identify anybody who may be involved in any type of human trafficking. Barbara WMA L A W M AL dot com. US customs and border protection. Officials say the immigration systems breaking point has arrived customs and border protection. Commissioner Kevin mcilveen says the surge numbers are overwhelming the entire system. He's incur. Foraging. Congress to come up with legislative solutions to expedite political asylum claims by migrants, the increase in family units is a direct response to the vulnerabilities in our legal framework for migrants and smugglers know that they will be released and allowed to stay in the US indefinitely pending immigration proceedings that could be many years out water statistics show, the number of company children has risen for more than thirteen hundred last year to more than five thousand this fiscal year. The majority of migrants are coming from Central American countries. I'm Clayton Neville, checking your money. The Dow finished the day down thirty two points. The s&p five hundred down thirteen the NASDAQ down forty eight wwl, traffic and weather next bracket. Already busted rebound with four K a day. Your chance to.

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