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Better Yesterday we told you that the Mendocino complex fire burning in north California. Was the fourth largest. In the state's history, what a difference twenty four hours make that was then that fire fires now the largest wildfire in California state history and you don't, have to go. Back it's not a record you wanna break obviously but you don't. Have to go back too far for the. Previous record was in December of last year in January of this year two month. Period two hundred eighty one thousand acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara. Counties that was the Thomas fire at last check spire combined form the Mendocino complex escorts more than two hundred eighty three thousand acres Largest of the fires is the ranch fire which is burned two hundred, thirty five thousand. Acres and his only twenty one percent contained there are more than. Fourteen thousand firefighters battling these wildfires across California. Right now international teams from Australia New Zealand are in California to lend a hand And, let's don't forget about the car fire which is burning farther south and has been since the twenty third day of July. That's currently the sixth worst fire in the state's history and has left more than one hundred sixty four thousand acres in shambles it is now up to forty seven percent contained, and they're still over one thousand families who no longer have homes to go back to speaking of homes remember that guy that wore number nine named Tony Parker who used to make his home here in San, Antonio played for the, San Antonio Spurs now as a member of garlic Calma said Hornets It's hard to keep track. Twenty-first-century Tony revelator and one of these statements in the letter is this I'm might not have even made it to the. League at all if pop had not decided to give me a second chance to make a first impression on him for share some of Tony's letter to the city of.

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