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And you have to take a ticket and says come back and five hours and you'll get on the ride but sarah in jenin try to do that when i was working in dc and they son none of the monuments we had no idea work that way but sunny is amazing there's a lot of other stuff fifty if i were there i'd want to see the new african american museum that would be amazing that's something that's been put in place since i left there but i can't wait to see that so what's top of your list well these sony museums natural history and aerospace and also the african american i tried to see that one yesterday but all this is easter weekend and there's tons of people in town walking around been great i was able to see some of the monuments kind of walk through and i've seen those before but so yeah african american museum aerospace and also museum of natural history there's three that relate to hit cool how fun he's glenn i'm greg we're talking about the lakers bucks thunder and cavaliers hang on you you just said he's glenn i'm greg that's one mcsherry knows we have straight i'm greg you're glen yeah they wouldn't known that because because we're always we're exactly yeah we're trying to do a more informal interest so he is greg i'm lyn we're here to talk about lakers books thundering cavaliers is our normal fourteen four matt's this is a week later than planned i had travel plans that were challenging greg i had one window where we could record last weekend and none of the technology it's our only window was unavailable due to a logical challenges we very quickly decided to not record last weekend record this begin based on the fact that chris and i have been very active on our crossover episodes and hope that our listeners have been enjoying those most recent one that came out was fixing the grizzlies and greg i don't think you know this but we are now moving on from fixing the nba to a new fem called are we there yet for the offending teams we recorded on the rocket three that should be out before this one that we're recording is coming out and we're arguing over whether or not the next which should be the sixers or.

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