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55 no WMD on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. First on the five Let's go to Lisa Beeton in the head. Carpet cleaning traffic center. Good in Virginia. Right now in 95 66 3 95 12 Minute Journey North bound from the Beltway over the 14th Street Bridge, Maryland. It's been complicated. 50 westbound from 4 10 stop and go in the Northeast CC gambles on Route three South and 1 75, You know Miller spill it looks like there's a stalled car. It's blocking one of the turn lanes on Michigan Avenue in northeast We had an accident. 1/13 Street a hit and run pressure. Irving Street now from Garage Door Repaired calm. You think the W M A L store mark seven forecast cloud cover pretty much all day. High temperature 46 degrees, and there's a slight chance that we could see a little pop up showers or Sprinkle down through southern Maryland in the northern neck. It will be the chilliest of the week again. Today, Warmest is going to be Thursday with clouds building before that rain on Friday and maybe see seven meteorologist Veronica Johnson and the so much heavier weather center currently in our nation's capital, actually 30 degrees at 8 57 Fist traffic and weather is brought to you by indeed. If you're hiring you need indeed, indeed delivers quality candidates so you can focus on interviewing people with the right skills receive a $75 sponsored job credit when you upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash credit terms and conditions apply. I tell you all the time about my MP 1 80 weight loss experience. But how about somebody else? Net and I don't know where Matt is from. But, Matt says, and P 1 80 weight loss is everything I hoped it would be. I've been following their program for little more than 3.5 months. I've lost £35..

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