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Call Debbie Debbie L. five oh four to six info thank you Patty I'm Dave co and now it's back to Tommy Tucker on W. W. well in case you don't hear somebody texted in Davis matter fact that they wanted you wife's buffalo chicken whatever was recipe okay and so many Texans and what in coach get a Gatorade bath I think the twenty eighteen Texas a and M. game pretty well put the kibosh on that don't you think and when they get on the anyone eighteen over times and all and so Dave in case you didn't know his father the year because he had a watch party with his daughter from Ellis you last night all over fractions actually came to the house and eating getting sleep last night even went to pick him up from the French Quarter after the party that I mention that because what what was it like the crowd and so for them to where you pick them up from I dropped him off I could you can't could drive into the quarter last night but I I dropped him off at Saint Peter and ram part and the crowd was over flowing out of the quarter on to rampart when I drop the wild and that was shortly after the trophy presentation and you could see the waves of people walking that way from the Superdome coming up ram part and then filtering into the quarter and I picked him up on can now at Bourbon all my god and that was at two fifteen this morning and it was still just a crazy sea of people and when I got to work it down you know after I took a moment came back shortly after three the warehouse district it looks like I it looked like and national championship confetti bomb went off the air and nobody was there to clean it up I mean it's it was heavy I'm but outside since five this morning I I haven't looked at all of anyone's cleaned it up yet but man it was amazing to hurry yeah was always this fall you can still see the garbage and that's it yeah I DO go listen to this yeah.

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