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Oh tiny because it was a one gamer would probably be the starting pitcher and hit because they have nothing to lose they'd have to have him do both mike trout would be in the game our pool it'll be in the game along with all those yankee stars aaron judge john carlos stanton gary sanchez all of them that'd be a really cool one game and if he continues this luis severino will be the yankees a very tough starter to he's got a well the favor no matter what but the angels if otani is on could could steal the name absolutely no it's something to look forward to chat for sure as you all right thank you okay all right one of the oddest things about the nba playoffs is the odd couple of terry rozier from the celtics and drew bledsoe as odd pled so is rosiere favorite athlete of all time and he has been wearing a drew bledsoe patriots jersey to and from games bledsoe heard about it and for gain game five of the celtics philly series bledsoe showed up in boston wearing a terry rozier jersey he even went to the podium after the game after the celtics win if you were to identify your little little appreciated favourite athletes i'm not talking nolan ryan i'm talking about a guy that's kind of quirky like drew bledsoe's kind of quirky for terry rozier who would that be well my my most recent flavor of the month would be andrei ingram the guy who got to play two games for the lakers at the end of last year.

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