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And radio download the free iheartradio app today we get or whatever ellen degeneres menards on walking lie no with bowling on on alert and handed a now again they've got a piece of much of the people won't be throwing the ball and i i would particularly of the form but man on a hard time me and it's been a long time since obeyed and all that bluster last week about beating mali grows and all these overdose a habit of trump also more before that voters like a month for another salvation army boat but not good no no no no no no more in ireland hong way from fifteen vetting but now that we had that talk about that a return seventeen yesterday which is he had seventeen which is amazing so we had a nice day their cake and eat the cake but a real have the cake and went out need at the tony's please call the magic time should have you been there are we've never been there is that older because the the the waiters and waitresses or in character and doug everyone eastern shura and it was pretty good us time was it was doubly determined junju it'd media would use all the kids reassumes back from europe so she was on that all that by the way she went with last night to uh to cornerstone church where i introduced deneche to souza who spoke boca last night at the at the service was very very cool scrape to be there again soon took some great pitchers groups go to my facebook page go to joe pegues dot com j o epa gf start com at click on facebook click on twitter i'm sure glacier to do the other two we'll get into all that stuff there's a lot to get will get into gigolo calling her nephew very wayne how that so a good thing so now will get into the american dream we'll get into jared kushner beer is so much to do and not that much time to do it but i have to start with something that you you you know me i'm argue with idiots on on the.

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