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If you this is very specific people listening. But there's a venue called dynasty typewriter. During the week they have team Coco percents up and up at the scene of show that Moses storm hosts and he's very funny he's very very and he was great in the pilot. It was terrific and a tested perfectly and of course they didn't put it on the air right. But I did get to know these British producers who eventually ended up coming to me and about a movie that I recently produced my own segue self segue. So yes this guy's this guy named Dan Hind who's a producer of TV and film in Britain. The pilot didn't go and I just assumed that's the last I'll ever hear of him but then I did this storytelling thing in somebody's backyard yard. You know they'd be like we're GONNA do a thing for runaway teens and well we're GONNA have comedy writers come in Telefoni Story from your childhood Done stand up for eleven years. You're one of those things really two months before I was like sure I'll do that. And then this and then it happened and they're like You still good for Sunday. I was like Oh fuck that. That's actually still they'll go. Time has moved forward and you're confirming now and that was like what is the theme and they said it's about immigrants and I started thinking about it I was like okay and and I realized yes. I'm an immigrant. That's boring and so I told the story about this rather interesting French exchange student. I had when I was a kid when I was in high school as I said I grew up in a very small town. And of course I was like a snotty would be self-described intellectual surrounded by people hated me. I was so obnoxious loveliest town the world and I would just like. Nobody's read canoe so like I was not drowning in inattention female or otherwise so I thought of course the problem was everybody else and so at some point. I heard about this France Canada in Canada Exchange Exchange Program. And I thought well if I can't make a friend I'm going to import one and so I've never S- weird science of you might as well pay a playboy always centerfold at a picture of Einsteinian press which is always my favorite part of weird size. You Happen Kelly Le Brock. I'm the eighties to for so many. The reasons urged. Yeah and so I applied for this program and I got in and I thought well this kid's going to be exactly like me. He's going to be like super bookish and we're going to be fast friends. They're going. I speak French. Everyone's GonNa Wanna be your friend that we won't be their friends and so instead. I got a very colorful gentleman. who was very outgoing and fucked everybody not to to fight a point on it but he was just different than I expected he was a real kind of like? I don't throw around the term party animal. He was just like he was soaked in Cologne and he just wore all this he I remember that he wore the soccer jersey. This that Cox expertise and I was like what sportifs Q. and and he's quickly became the most popular kid in town both generally and with the ladies and I The stuck in many cars with him and girls who otherwise wouldn't talk to me and still weren't talking to because their faces were on my exchange burner and so I wanted burder him but then we eventually became good friends and so I told the story and and I I wrote it down and then just producer guy was would you like to try to develop as screenplay and I was like. Oh that's fun and I said I need to change the Myo names like absolutely not. We need character Tim Long. I'm like okay I wrote screenplays. I play and then much to my amazement. The character based on me is almost exactly like me. With a myriad flaws the frederikshavn student is very the different although he still shares that characteristic of fucking everybody and so I wrote the screenplay and shockingly somebody bought it and then we developed it and and I wrote a million drafts and of course at some point you stop thinking well this will ever get produced. They just you just not do the notes you send them home and of course when working with somebody in England like you finish your draft at night and then you cut notes in the morning never stops and then at some point they said okay. Let's shoot this and so I was like yeah right and so we attached as director. This game Dan Mazer was part of the Borat crew. Oh cool he's a he's a really smart guy and then we cast This this guy named Avin Hoagie. Ah I don't know if I'm pronouncing his last name. He was dauntingly. Good Looking Kid. Who's on the victorious? Oh Oh yes Disney or nickelodeon was one of those And he's also a show called now apocalypse which was on something on star anyway and he's also in the News Avi Movie. Oh cool does have he plays than double tap great one and then we cast as the Tim long character. This guy named Ed Oxygen Bowls. Who's Great Australian actor? And then we went shopping and I was just like normally screaming and I so I went to this inside Ed Breeze at seven weeks off and they were like sure which is great 'cause they're they're generally very good especially if it's your own thing about giving you the time off of course you know they'll pay you for the time frame but their father and normally screenwriters don't spend their time are on this at the whole time but I thought the director asked me you just come there for the whole shoot and I thought when is ever going to happen again absolutely going to stand there l.. Pitch Jokes and stuff and it and it turned out to be experience. And it's not. I've seen a cut and spoiler alert. It's not terrible. That's how stressed out where you though when you sign up. I cut like it is on the lake. Mary depressing but the performances are really. We have like great people. This guy named the only person you probably this got him Justin Hartley. Who's on US yes? He's added knowingly. Good looking I know yeah he's got that real. Ken Doll Type. Yeah he's very he's a beautiful man himself and he's a term. He's a great actor too and he plays this sort of guys he plays sort of the villain of the piece. He was great and of course movies. Take forever it just felt like after a lifetime of writing pilots and selling pilots but not producing pilots. It was great to actually get a thing that now exists essentially a feature. I've I've talked to other writers about and that's a round that I'm just now getting my toe into but I've been scared of running features forever because I think it feels like a on another platform because Because I went to film school and majored in Film. Studies feels like something to be studied whereas TV is a little bit more like it used to be back. When I was your age it was the thing that people did? They wrote SPEC screenplays. I don't think people do that as much anymore. Because there aren't as many platforms for the movie theaters. All either Superhero. Movies are tweet little. It's hard renee. Zellweger is Judy Garland. And I can't wait several months ago when I watched it uh-huh yeah nobody's GonNa say that I talking to other screenwriters and they say that Feature writing is just a hobby and you can't in any way anticipated being made and truly as you say like even with pilots. It is so hard you you've sold pilots and everything seemed to be like on the up and you had people attach stew had studios that said yes and still. It didn't happen and I think I have written many years ago I wrote three or four SPEC screenplays and that takes a long long time like they're hundreds and hundreds of pages and you have to revise and everything and nothing ever happened with him and I sorta gave up on that realm of writing so the lesson here is like give give up kids and they come to you speaking of lessons what do you think is something that you learned from the simpsons either through your own experience or someone actually telling you like this is how we do things that you carry with you and your other pursuits You mean my other pursuits says in like sleeping eating your other. They're non Simpson's I think that part of IT I. I think that I've developed a much thicker skin than I had. Sort of cost Unsuited to writing or really any creative endeavor when I started out because I took things really hard even if the even though people would say to you. Listen everything's getting it changed and and you're GonNa get notes saying there there. I mean there's a couple there's a few schools of thought in terms of how to deliver notes and the simpsons. They tended to be just very blunt about it. They just assume there was always sort of an assumption that you know you're good. We know you're good enough to be here. Your draft has a lot of good things about it. But we're not going to waste time on it. We're going to tell you what's bad about it Which is hard? I mean I try to say something. Nice up top like yeah like and then say well. Because they're usually as a lot. I mean people just need to put things in in context like your script is great. This is great and you did so many things. Well here's what we need to improve but people tend to get impatient with that especially when they've been around for awhile there's You know Mike scully. The wonderful Mexico we sort of have make good natured. Fun of him because when he loves your script he'll go on and on and say whatever when he hates your script he'll say a lot of funny stuff steph. Sort of like call your spouse. You're not coming home. No no no. We're GonNa yet me forever funny stuff. And it's sort of the way he would say to just sort of like like it's hard. Yeah I mean I feel very. I feel ultimately thin-skinned thick-skinned same time because you know it's hard not to divorce yourself from that emotional wellspring of like this is your livelihood and you in order to make good work. You have to put yourself on the page and really like just lay it out bear right but then when you don't get just that little kernel of good job right then you tailspin. I think you have to do I mean and it is. There's an you can sort of become very good at discerning. The difference between it's really good but we just want to address these things and this isn't good. We're just GONNA have to Brian Hunker down. You didn't do a good job like with this movie. I wrote it went through a lot of different incarnations and for various reasons I won't get into. We had to completely rewrite over Christmas. Um and that seemed like an impossible thing to do and so I had a conversation with my producers about December seventh or something and they said listen. You have to completely clearly rewrite this from scratch. We need to at least have something to work from so we need to totally do screenplay in three weeks and I was like you know that's GonNa be terrible and they're like of course just. It's going to be awful. We we understand him. Just do it and I'm like okay. Okay and so I would be staying up late and I was just I was writing. It was fast as I could because I also had a job and then I would send him pages. Wow this is not good. Bitch said it wasn't going to be good and now it's bad very scourging because I'm have no sleep and we all agree date was going to be terrible and now we all know already mad because of your life being diced up this right exactly so it's like you should take what you can get. It all worked out but but good. Yeah it's tough so I would say yeah. The less that I took was. Yeah try not to be the person that I am. which is what I take thing everything everything incredibly personally just you saying of like the mentality at the simpsons being like we know you're good? That's why you're here. I think that is the lesson I forget so much right. You know I I remember being in therapy and like Having like a bit of good career news that I shared with a friend and she said something like Well of of course. Because you're you're very nice and you work hard right. It was a very nice thing for my friend to say but my little lizard brain went. Why not talented? All all right and I told that to my therapist and she goes to you think it was implied..

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