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Talk show for your ride W. O. R. tonight with Joe concha six till nine weeknights on seven ten W. I heart radio station it's thirty degrees at four o'clock good morning I'm Lisa Matteo police are investigating a multiple shooting in Jersey city it took place Saturday night at the intersection of rose and cater avenues that's about one mile away from the kosher market attack less than two weeks ago that left three civilians and a police officer dead they were out celebrating a birthday and now three young women are dead after their car collided with a tractor trailer in New Jersey the accident happened just before midnight Friday on route one near fort Avenue in Woodbridge the three women were in a twenty twelve Nissan Altima when it slammed into the rear of a tractor trailer as the truck was starting to move from a stop light the driver was identified as twenty three year old Breanna Martinez who was pronounced dead at a local hospital the two passengers were both under twenty five years old and were pronounced dead at the scene all three victims were from Somerset Paul the Castro W. O. R. news thousands of family and friends are celebrating the life of a barn art college student fatally stabbed in morning side park more than a week ago family friend David Smith delivered a quote which he felt represents Tessa majors to quote the row her time was measured by her light glistening beams radiated out from this little son at the center of a quirky and sparkling universe funeral services were held on Saturday in Charlottesville Virginia were majors was from it was a private ceremony that showcased her love of music life and the legacy she's leaving and eighteen years so far a thirteen year old was charged as a minor and a fourteen year old is wanted for questioning in the attack at the same time a Connecticut man is facing charges for threatening to kill the New York City T. who fatally stabbed majors police say thirty one year old Trevor spring of mistake posted the race this thread on Thursday on a reddit form about the death of the college student to Brooklyn where police are releasing a video of a do who assaulted a man before robbing him the incident took place Friday night near good one place in Brooklyn after the victim had parked his car it is approached by a male who punched him in the face then once on the ground a female suspect kicked him as a mail to get cell phone and wallet the two then fled the victim is listed in stable condition at Wyckoff heights Medical Center well it doesn't look like the Big Apple will be getting a White Christmas this year Jennifer pull Sony reports forecasters say it's expected to remain cold and dry in the New York City area through the weekend into next week Christmas Eve and Christmas.

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