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From ABC News. I'm Sherry Preston. 42 States are now in the red Zone for covert 19 cases. Thie US logging another 131,000 new cases, With infection rates rising 30%. Over the past week, new restrictions have been put in place in several states, including Maryland, Nevada, Utah, Wisconsin, where Governor Tony Evers assigned new executive orders urging people to stay at home. It took a 7.5 months to get to 100,000 cases. But it only took 36 days to add another 100,000. The way things are going, it will take us only 20 days to reach another 100,000. NBC's Matt Gutman is in hard hit. El Paso, Texas, Texas, topping a million cases the most in the nation and ground zero L. Paso. Crushed under a record of patients in I C U care and deaths patients being treated in dozens of tents across the city and the state has sent in 10. More trucks earlier this week hope for a vaccine from drugmaker Pfizer if it gets FDA approval, what next? ABC Steve Austin Sami is at the CDC in Atlanta, Dr Anthony Fauci says that most Americans will not get their doses of the vaccine. Until early next year. We're talking, probably by April, the end of April. I would think again. These have just guessed him, and doctors say that when you do get the shots, don't be surprised to feel your body responds, saying some people feel sore arms After the injection and aches and paved. President elected Joe Biden says it's an embarrassment that President Trump still will not concede that he lost the election. ABC News senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce privately, people close to the president tell us that he knows This race is over. And yet he is still perpetuating this false narrative and dangerously undermining a peaceful transition of power. Based on analysis of the vote, Edison Research can now project President Trump has won the state of Alaska and its three electoral votes. Republican Dan Sullivan, also winning his Senate race there. You're listening to ABC News coming up on 7 10 now, which means it's time to hop outside and check in with Brian Noble,.

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