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News at about through edward r murrow award defendant not guilty of as newscaster emotional breaking news president a second chester lana jones award one place newswatch never stops wbz newsradio ten thirty sure about stop was the weather we have a hot one coming at least fairly hot and soupy and up to about eighty five son sunny and some clouds warm not quite as humid in the afternoon high eighty five during the night seventy one saturday and sunday will be very warm and humid with some hazy sunshine both days high ninety or near ninety closer to eighty on the cape it's going to be nasty the only time i'll go out well actually i have to go out a lot this weekend big doings i'm having suffer with a former colleague of mine here wbz then i'm venturing over to a local place to to participate in trivia remember i told you about the live librarian a group librarians librarians get together and have a trivia night i went to one and i liked it a lot i did all right do better than i thought there are weird group those librarians weird a good way quirky not like the others they tend to know a lot of facts and be very funny maybe i just happened to find some funny librarians but i like these so there's that and then saturday it's a birthday day my special someone has a birthday and we're gonna have lobster and whatever she wants lobsters though and probably muscles and we used to go out to dinner but we realized that we're always anxious to get home in the comfort of the home poor aggressive watch tv so really that's kind of where we wanna be she likes cooking this time we're going to actually make fancy cocktails this is something you might wanna try if you like going out for fancy cocktail but you don't like paying fifteen bucks a crack thirteen bucks crack you go to the fancy restaurants website and you look at the menu you look at their cocktail menu and you and they'll tell you what's in the drink mostly and you can make it yourself at home so we've chosen a couple one call one of them is gin and soda and mint and lemon jennen soda and mental lemon is not a lot going on there and it is great and instead of paying i don't know twelve dollars a piece there may be three dollars a piece so it's a win win win win win win to thirty six when we go to janet in some ville hi janet hello i rally jane yeah yeah that only call you like maybe yours oh okay what's going on what's going on with you janet well i tune in kinda late tonight and i only caught the last part you were talking about jerry cheerios we're talking about serial sales are slumping janet and i was wondering if they all go way except three of them which three would you like them to keep or what cereals do you have now in your closet what are your favorite cereals i like the honey nut cheerios yeah it turns out the cheerios and honey nut cheerios and it says here honey nut cheerios are the most popular serials in the united states it is there any chemical in there yes there used to be pesticides i don't know if they got the pesticides out of cheerios there in regular cheerios i'm imagining they were hunting nut cheerios too like i said i caught the last end of it yeah so i think they might i haven't checked lately now you're a little nervous about the cheerios yeah well maybe you should know i love them i don't know what to tell you do you have a computer no i don't okay well i'm gonna have to assume this i assume this chemicals and everything so but on the other hand how many cheerios do eat well i don't need it every day all right how old how old are you i'm sixty five sixty five i don't know it's up to calculated risk it's probably not many there's probably not much pesticide there's probably pesticides and everything or a lot of things i think there's all kinds of things and everything all kinds of things and everything yeah janet i appreciate the call thank you bakery you all right i speak with you to janet janet in somerville all right senate approves bill to allow ex as gender on driver's licenses so if you want.

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