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More at bank with united dot com. Member FDIC. Double DTP at four 18. Grab the good weather all in the 8s, Ian Crawford's with us this morning of the WTO traffic center. Starting in the district, we come out of the third street tunnel southbound trying to get onto the eastbound southeast freeway I 6 95, it's exit 7 coming out of the tunnel, but right now it may or may not be usable, bear that in mind if you're getting ready to make that transition crash activity on the ramp, still can not see this. It's not that our Quebec traffic camera can see it. It's just that somebody put a pesky building in the way and it's blocking your view. Other than that, you were fine in the district on the Virginia side. New crash near thornburg, not a good sign, 95 sound bad, near X and one 18. This one over on the left side, easy to negotiate with caution. On the capitol beltway still waiting for the last of the cone picker uppers to pick up the cones on the legion bridge, staying to the right to get around the cone picker upper of a pass that you are good and that should be it as far as work zones on the main travel lanes in both Maryland and Virginia Internet and Luke, otherwise running flawlessly. On the 66th, waiting for the all clear in our work zone, westbound near cub run. Heading towards ugly road the right lean was standing by, also any friend all clear on our works on year 28 Centreville, exit 53, the left lane was getting by, still hadn't seen that one in the cameras yet, unclear whether or not it's even still there. On the Maryland side, there was crash activity reported two 70 local lanes northbound near Montgomery village avenue route one 24, exit 11 with caution for what may be in the roadway, don't have any lineage on this one yet, and it successfully eluding the cameras as well. On the bay bridge, waiting for the all clear there, we're doing two way traffic on the eastbound span, but we're doing that without any incident or delay. Ian Crawford traffic. The clouds are back and rain chances will soon be following behind it, so grab the umbrella in 80% chance for rain today. Rainfall amounts will only be around a quarter of an inch, so nothing all

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