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Isn't that like the best that ever no it is not now his pathetic out the best at it now it gets worse you watch the whole thing because it really is a great spilling it's really relevance which will not age well because i i mean this is this is one of the funny things about outrage uh news it looks to be there's always setting a new to the outran shouts by apple began to open apple park in april as well though it took them another eight months before the really kind of gut gutted open we had new emojis in april sixty nine huge always a story of the year yeah 2017 were big for a boj news here i'm excited about and are even remember any mind up broccoli lack of broccoli come on talk talk i literally hajdari's was the cheese on top vix that eventually things i'd action who visit fix that they also made the beer go all the way the foam that which makes sense thank god logically thank god for road may technology it was also remember the burger king add that only aquaguard amazon's echo out and they add in order to make that worked ahead of model while i his grew honda wasn't i'll start google home and they had a modify the wikipedia page ikuo home would refer to and it it worked until wikipedia fixed it and google fixed it but they should get a lot it was a i forget was that before or after the south park episode where they basically did the same thing they went after all the house it what did come first i have to imagine that the south park lobbied normally give them credit for coming first it'll be like that but i think that followed the burger that segment was actually kind of billy i don't follow south park anymore but that was one of those yeah they're very i'm not i don't like it but that they are very good with a timely uh social commentary yes and when they do it they do it quite well yes slowly wasn't a trend we didn't really see it beyond that ride like i know nobody did it again and that was the ended up people realized that's are also really good way to tick off your audience joe maybe you could do once it right it's funny.

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