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And if your coffee drinker, MRs good news, I suppose despite previous reports, new study says the drinking twenty-five cups of coffee, a day is actually still save for your heart in the past twenty five cups, by the way. Drinks twenty five in the past studies reportedly founded coffee contribute to the stiffening of arteries, it could alternately increase the likelihood of a stroke or a heart attack. The study, analyzed people who drank one Cup, three cups and more than three cups a day and found that there was no increased stiffening of the arteries of people who trank up to twenty five cups of coffee a day. See. With the caffeine, though with your, the jitters and stuff, but they always go back and forth on these, you know it's good for you. One day, it's not good for you. Like now, they're saying it's okay to do that with everything, though, eyeball cancer. If you drink two cups of coffee or something, it's always something. There was a John Oliver thing about all the studies and it was like literally, you can find a study to justify almost anything. Right. National old maids day, national cognac day, national cheese day today, Donald step. I with a bunch of pizzas. So thank you so much traffic on the roads three fifty five to lakeshore is an hour. Route three ninety to the old post office fifty minutes to downtown forty five minutes and both downtown to Montrose, ninety fits downtown our half hour express Lane's heavy from Pershing traffic is sponsored by get around some days, you have a ton of stuff to do other days. You just wanna get out of town with get around. You can instantly rent an unlock cars with your phone for whatever you wanna do. Download the app today. Get around. It's go time. I'm kaylin and that's. Traffic. I'm one of five back into blogs are audio journals, but farmers insurance, we know a roof can withstand a lot. One exception being an airborne car.

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