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Student visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet at highway speeds the average taxed take your eyes off the road for about five seconds that's enough time to travel the length of a football field stop text stop rex dot org brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council winging it is not an emergency plan make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency call where to meet what to pack search ready kids at NYC dot gov or call three one one a public service announcement brought to you by the New York City office of emergency management and the ad council for late traffic in new problem in Seattle marina southbound I. five just south of I ninety a collision is taking up the left the lane and we are seeing a slowdown coming through downtown Seattle southbound I. five slow getting into and through the dormers curves all the way down to one eighty eight south bound for a five credit from northeast states to new castle it's heavy southbound one six seven I'm near the five sixteen interchanging can't southbound I. five a slow just south of highway eighteen down towards the five curving of course a long term issue in Ballard Market Street is closed both directions regional between twenty second twenty fourth due to a very serious fire this is a traffic Roger by Washington state department of transportation and good to go that's up Seattle tolling for the ninety nine total begins November night get your free good to go sticker pass at ninety nine total dot com while supplies last and save two dollars every time you total your next come much traffic out three oh four we expect rain heavy at times this afternoon with highs in the low sixties throughout much of western Washington gusty winds too we cool down a bit overnight might even get a few.

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