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There's also. one. we have a remembrance coming up in just about fifteen. clouds today highs near sixty six degrees tonight mostly cloudy with a low around sixty one and tomorrow Tuesday more clouds with a high near seventy four degrees sixty two degrees fair skies right now New York. support for NPR comes from member stations and from the Carnegie corporation of New York supporting innovations in education democratic engagement and the advancement of international peace and security more information is available online at Carnegie daughter work progressive insurance offering snapshot a device that it just insurance rates based on safe driving habits now that's progressive learn more at progressive dot com or one eight hundred progressive and the Kauffman foundation working together with communities in education and entrepreneurship to create uncommon solutions and empower people to shape their lives and be more successful more online at Kaufman dot org. it's morning edition from NPR news I'm no well king and I'm Steve Inskeep here's a story for you a Jewish girl begins a diary just as World War two was about to start in Europe she records the details of daily life but more and more the war takes over the story and eventually the diary comes to a heart breaking an this is not in Frank's diary.

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