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The lawyers told the ap that conyers is innocent and we'll fight the allegations tooth and now several women have accused years of stripping naked making unwanted sexual overtures and touching female staffers inappropriate late last week buzzfeed news reported conyers settled or harassment complaint in two thousand fifteen paying out twenty seven thousand dollars to a woman who allege she was fired after rejecting conyers sexual advances the supreme court heard oral arguments on tuesday in a case that could determine whether police can access cell phone location data without a warrant the case carpenter versus united states involves a man who was convicted on burglary charges after police obtained more than one hundred days of his cell phone records which showed his smartphones gps tracking data placed him at the scene of several crimes during oral arguments justices appeared sceptical over the trump administration's claim i am set is no reasonable expectation of privacy when an individual shares information with a third party president trump has lashed out once more against kim jongun in the latest insults to the north korean leader trump made the remarks on tuesday as he pitched his tax cut bill in a campaign style rally in st charles missouri tremendous because these massive tax cuts will be rocket fuel little rock at man rocket fuel for the american economy he is a sick puppy trump's latest insults came as this administration promised to further ratchet up sanctions against north korea over its test launch of a ballistic missile earlier this week in somalia an investigation by the website the daily beast provides new details on how us special forces and somali troops carried out a raid last august in which ten people were shot dead including three children in a village near the capital mogadishu the investigation found that us soldiers fired on unarmed civilians relied on shoddy intelligence and ordered their somali counterparts to plant weapons by the bodies of the unarmed civilians they just killed the daily beast also reports that us diplomats pressured somalia's government to bury the findings of its investigation into the killings french president mario merck com in west africa for a threeday tour on monday met visited burkina fasso a nation formerly colonized by france where he promised to declassify documents related to the assassination of the former leader thomas sankara who is often cold africa's j guevarra he was killed in a military coup in 1987 at the.

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