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Yeah and you know the hard contacts down a little but nothing that i'm that worried about that he's actually making more contact inside and outside of the earl actually not outside of the zone but inside of the zone and overall his swinging strike rate is down i i don't think there's any reason right now to get too concerned if i've got him i'm holding if someone is looking to sell a by trade full turkey mike fulton okay what about reynaldo lopez yes okay how dare you what about like lopez yeah says my stratton he's gotta get thrashed by the astros the by the way but all right trashed by nationals on monday it'll be almost doesn't stratton have to start then yeah what's the other one oh god washington for i'm just wondering is is he a start we gotta figure out just because of justice not starting christine and i don't think anybody should that's why i think it's worth this tangent quest pitcher in the world is is a is a maybe do i start them guy now dude yeah what start against the dodgers the dodgers lineup isn't great now let's give it what about dodgers what but the thing of it is the folks play weekly they gotta make the decision i gotta take the washington when both are at home justin mason are you starting for straightening everything you have i'm starting towers okay even though i'm not saying you i mean yeah you'd be like in your wounds trying to catch up from that l that you took that's why start chris stratton loss can really push people to bad decision so you're gonna go ahead and start him.

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