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Jester. Told me what I was member. Was I was young told. That's right. The cosc- she was life readers reader studio. Yes. J rod what about you? My sister had a past life regression shut. And she's she just went to hip hip. No. There is okay, Mark, and she had Marshall. And apparently, she was Jewish crow who killed herself because she was mad at her mother. Oh my God. The okay, can I get super super creepy? Judy garland. Does not a pass. Current. This is creepy go in maybe I don't know. Okay. So when I was going through my for tillage struggles, I decided to go to this doctor that everyone raves about so he does chiropractic work, but he also can tap into other things. And I said to him at the time. I was actually I think. Yeah. At the time, I went I was pregnant and so he kept like reading my body. And he was like, yeah. Yeah. He's like, yeah. You're pregnant, and it's definitely a boy. And I was like, okay. All right. Well, we'll see I ended up losing that pregnancy. But and that was really horrible. But now, I can look back and remember the rest of the story that he said to me, and here's what he said. Okay. You're gonna this is going to be freaky. He said to me. I I said is this one going to be healthy? And he said to me honesty said I don't know because you've had a lot of losses in past lives. And I said, what do you mean, he said you've lost many many children, and I said, we'll unborn. He's didn't know you've had a lot of. Children in your life. You've had lives that I can see you've lost a lot a lot of children and fires. Okay. I might chill. He's like children that you couldn't get to because the house was burning. Okay. So flash back to when I was a kid like a in my real life. I used to dry when we would come home every night from party. I used to get this panic attack in my chest when we would drive home and I'd say prayers, dear God, dear God, please. Let my house be now. Please don't let my house paper near. I this deep fear of my home burning. We turn the corner. And I'd stared at the house just to make sure that it wasn't on fire. And then when we pull up to it. I'd be like oh ks on of our, and I never knew that fear of fire came from. And then when he said that to me that I had lost children in fires. I was like maybe that's why I was so terrified of things burning down when I was. So when you told me that your house burned down, I had a super freak you remember? She was on the phone crying with me and called me every day. You called me every day because I've such. But apparently. This doctors names, Dr Dan, I know super, but he's a he said, I have a feeling that this life is trying to prevent you from suffering any more losses of children. So that may be why you're not gonna have any more in a weird fucked up way it kind of brought me comfort it kind kinda brought me. But I still weird here fire. I'm sorry. Going really deepened. Dean come on the show. Oh, you guys. Yes. He's unbelievable. A heart rate. He is so unbelievable. This is good. Good. You believe a don't know. What's gonna happen? Nikki, please try to make that happen. A lot of information. There isn't that crazy Nikki that was wonderful wonderful. That was I listen to the story. Yes. But that's what I love about past lives is the connection of stuff like that. Comforts. Right. I was terrified and actually last when I came home from Mexico and we'd pulled up the down the street. I said to Tommy I'm like, I'm having that feeling. He's like what feeling like I'm worried that the house is gonna burn down. He's like fine. We pulled up and I remember looking and going who. So anyway, I really connecting to you. You're going through because even sharing that Nikki listening. Push it. Big brown. Log in brenda's now have big brand. Log in brenda's now with big Brown. Log in brenda's mouth. Yeah. Blackness? I'm going to keep this short. And sweet first of all I'm very excited for Marseille Martin from blackish as a today, she has become the youngest Zack in Hollywood with her new film for little she went and actually when she's fourteen now, she went in and pitch them when to universal and she picked it when she was eleven and it got picked up, and it was for her love of the movie if you haven't seen his trailer. It's absolutely amazing it as her Easter Ray. It's Regina hall. It looks and it's pretty much like big of with black women, and like Tom Hanks baked it's really cute and really amazing. You must see the trailer. So the youngest exact in Hollywood great people such a remake a bit. Yes. Yes. So she switches places with Regina hold plays like the evil, boss. I love her. So actually, really cute. Also, I wanna give a shout to the to the cast of pose at the Globes. Let me tell you something. Put her hang through on red carpet with Cape and that outfit and then hold entire cast. Just have representation at the globe. Right. And I really want to win. But you know, that just gives them kind of leeway to keep coming back. And winning more words so shout outs. Leslie, I'm obsessed with this show. I don't know how I found. It is called you on that flex and it's with that guy from gossip girl pinned Begley Bentley. Oh my God. Let me tell you this show is amazing. He's obsessed with this girl was the show. It's it's so weird. And the it's it is cold rain, right? Yes. I've been obsessed with that. So if you haven't just yes, also, I love intendo switched away. So let me know what games and we're supposed to have to play with. And Lastly, I just wanna shut out everybody that kind of has been supporting the podcast. Can we kick it? The the love and the feedback has been tremendous. And that first week was just great, and like me, and we're talking in Paris. My co host on a show just to see us on the charts. With that first episode really was like the numbers, you guys had on that first episode was crazy. Yeah. So it's great. And so we have some upcoming great upcoming show coming up where on the Graham, it can we kick it here, and you can just kind of way in but I'm really excited about that. Thank you for Jessica best last shook for starting the fan group on Facebook. And so I'm excited. CJ's podcasts available everywhere. Support CJ. Everybody can everybody. I'm surprised that my sleeve I'm trying to make it happen before the end of the Billy. Yeah. Can I say something say happy birthday to CJ? We're gonna have like. Oh, no. Ration- at the bubbly brunch. Brize me like so funny story. I'm usually when they when the dry-cleans come down at this point. I was like holding the door for Morgan to come back out. And I'm waiting for a Roth kind of announce the queen's the comeback. He was like it was like raw solidified. I was like, no, he's not just talking thirty seconds ago. These Ross looking for your no, I'm cool. I'm holding the Dorsey come out, then I hear Rossi my name like a run out on stage. Ross brings out all the queen's. They do a lap dance to Ginny. Yeah. Hill in my cart, my cardigan him slitting and the queen's grinding it was the best deprive about. A message. It was really I was shocked, and I'm really I was. It was so good. Thank you. Thank you bored. So happy. You're you're here. My god.

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