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Available options. God bless your day redundant. It's good to see a couple faces tonight hopefully in the next few weeks hopefully we'll be able to see more and more people in so we're improper twenty six tonight. We're getting near the end of our of our series and as we walked through the life is a follower of jesus the challenge for us in how we walk in this world is his servants honoring and representing him. Well the world is a simple place is ever shifting. And it's morals and values and philosophies we live in a time of clashing ideas and fast movements all hiding the true clash of good and evil becoming more united. It's becoming more divided but we have the truth found in the word of god that cuts through these errors in all of this. We are called to live as christians in a fallen world that does not receive respect or love. Jesus we are called to the path that has always been the right path but there's never been the path that was commonly walked by the world as the dark world makes it more difficult to clearly understand or see with our moral compass. We have to do. The work of improving upon that compass and that work is done through the study of the scripture and the growth of understanding the word of god which transforms us as we see. Jesus tonight as we look at proverbs twenty six. We continue learning the wisdom from the teacher as he teaches us. What it means to be a man or woman of god with godly wisdom. Living a life that honors. God you know beginning the beginning of all of our understanding of building the compass within and learning how we should live as believers in digging into on consuming and understanding the scripture. I hear people say well. I don't necessarily understand it. When i read it and i was like you. Show me the tax book you read for the first time that you understood but you got reading it because there was test and eventually began to understand it and that's the same the scriptures. There's some stuff you're gonna have to learn more about as you grow. But the word tells us that the word of god never returns void as we dig into the word of god we grow and as we grow we become more like his image more of what he wants from us. And it's a challenge talking to chris this today the he was saying the first six months when he started coming to church each sunday was like how because the stuff i happened to touch on a sermon..

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