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But the ramp sort the the ran on time we were in anaheim the reiter from the costs okay left the same year right but the raiders stayed in california so we got all the rehder games if owners uefa off getting rams correct right because uber up in the shadow of anaheim stadium yeah i went i used to go to those games in anaheim i thought his pain in the ass i don't consider that to be la either anaheim's not only sign visionary still sorry ardy marino they were still the los angeles rams correct they were they and and and did it in that was thirty one nineteen i'm look at it up right now tori 119 and dave smith says that maceachin through the tunnel shattered certain which i as i back in five i believe yeah that was devastating game to watch final after all these years they got in the super in they hill i'll tell you said they had the lead here's what's here's what's weird about there's like this weird symmetry that exists between the rams this year and the greatest show on turf remember they were i think they were four and twelve in st louis in the next year will year to the super bowl 2000 they they won the serbian and went from worse stiffer they went from worst to first end the records are almost identical i just have this weird feeling that this is gonna happen that this so you'll have the greatest sean turner greatest show on sir annual of the greatest show on surf whoever invented that was really really large somebody should have showed trademark that this also this one last year everybody to laugh now gothom cities awesome city.

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