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He would say it's your host. And who is ready to be petty. Welcome back to the pod. Today we have a very special guest when she reached out to me. I literally ship my pants. And you probably already know who it is because of the title of this pod and maybe you read the show notes but claire parker from the celebrity memoir book club. Podcast is here. She's a new york city comic and her and her best ear. I put that on them. I don't know if they're besties. But like good friends ashley. Riva anti sagged the lab memoirs that you don't wanna read but you want all the juice from and the whole time we recorded. I wanted to say memoir or however kris jenner used to say it in keeping up. But i'm really grateful that i didn't we discuss the gwen stafani and Blake sheldon literally forgot his name for one second wedding. I really think. Gwen stefani is in her flop era so we discussed that we talk about britney spears's recent changes to her legal team and her management. That happened this week and we also discuss nick. Cannon's baby names. He has seven kids as of like last week. So we discussed which ones are graded much ones are bad and obviously this is an rt bb podcast. So there's a few tangents in there. I wanna give the warning. Now we're explicit around here but this is maybe extra explicit. So i just wanna put that out there so you know what you're getting yourself into okay without further ado. Let's get to the show. I'm here with a very special guest today. Claire parker from the celebrity memoir book club. Podcast is here. Claire how are you. I'm good how are you. i'm jane thanks so much for joining me. I was like so stoked when you reached out. Yeah i'm excited. I let out with like anybody could get hands on. What made you start a book club. Podcast i mean it was definitely combination of like external forces says and just marketing mico host ashley hamilton. Both comics new york city. We met doing stand up and four years ago. We started a britney spears podcasts we're talking about britney spears and it really was. We loved brittany just because we were born in the nineties. That back them up britney we noticed there was no britney podcast like this is a hole in the market. We have to fill it. We started talking about her like the more we studied the more we fell in love with. We're like obsessed with her and then in the freebritney movement started we stop because we feel like we didn't like talking about britney if she was like a prisoner obviously back then we had no idea about the extent it was..

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