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Expect an answer to that question in the form of one person's name and the year of the invention. But here's a scholar who says, yeah, I'll tell you who did it. So my name is Abraham candy. Abram candy is a history professor and founder of the anti-racist research and policy center at American University, his book stamped from the beginning, the definitive history of racist ideas in America won the national book award for nonfiction in two thousand sixteen before we get to the guy candy blames for inventing race and racism, a little more context. He offers about the ancient world. Yes. He says people have always had the tendency to see themselves as the very best sort of people Aerostat built a human hierarchy based on climate theory, which claimed that these sort of temperate region of the mediterr-. Rainiest has produced the most superior people's while the extreme cold or extreme hot northern or southern climates sort of lead to these inferior peoples. The candy points out that not everybody thought that way even back then just as you had these notions of human hierarchy in the premodern world in the ancient world, so too. Did you have individuals like our styles our chief oh in Athens? He's talking about a philosopher named alka Damase who challenge. Those notions Aristotle said nature intended for some people to be enslaved by others alka Damase wrote that God has left all men free nature has made. No, man, a slave. Likewise, candy, says some centuries later just like you had some Christians are using Christianity to justify certain people's as inferior so too. Did you have Saint Augustine and other early Christian fathers who challenge those notions and expressed our human equality?.

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