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News. The sheriff of Stanislas county says the man suspected of murdering a police officer west of Mercedes is in the country illegally officer Rhode Neil saying was shot yesterday in the city of Newman by a man whose truck he had pulled over as part of a DUI investigation. Newman police chief Randy Richardson says the loss of seeing is tough. This is a man that I relieved on Christmas day. So he can go home and spend time with his family and his newborn child. The cop killer has not been caught though his truck was found about four miles from the crime scene. A black man seeing at a hotel in Portland, Oregon says the cops were called on him while he was taking a phone call in the lobby the man recorded the exchange with a hotel security guard who told him he was a security threat to the other guests and the disturbance and the police were on the way. Why are they coming? Are you off the property because what? And I'm staying here. Not any more demand says the cops asked him to get his things and told them to leave. He says he did not get his money back for the room the management of the DoubleTree hotel, which is owned by Hilton says what happened over the weekend was a misunderstanding. And it does not discriminate against anyone. The number of American law enforcement officers killed on duty increased by twelve percent. This year to one hundred forty four eleven of them were in California, national law enforcement officers memorial fund, CEO Craig Floyd told wakeup call the top killer. This year was about eighty two percent of all the cop killers in this country. Have a previous criminal record. Oftentimes about one in four have resisted arrest or assaulted an officer. This was the first year in about twenty that guns killed more officers than traffic.

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