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I would encourage everybody listening to go back and read everything that went on with him over less eighteen months is the Jimmy Lee scary. Like some of the things he did from a mental health standpoint, and my whole thing was, I hope the NFL has some program that I'm not aware of where someone that dumb, what he's done has to undergo a very intensive mental health evaluation before you let them go out on a football field with a helmet on and go out and attack. And guys that reminds me I was watching. I got my highlight film NFL films, my personal one, and there's a play where I'm blocking really. It's all your place. It's Ross Tucker plays as awesome. And I'm blocking Gerard Warren, and he had a screw loose and into the play, you can see which touched. I've heard a lot about your art or. Well earlier the game you spit in my face twice. In money when the guys who tell the stories in the green rooms and stuff. I love listening to the source because they'd like, oh, that guy's the crazies and they're like, oh, yeah. He was he was spend my face, and then I'm driving retouched down all of a sudden, he takes my arm, and put me like an arm bar like are running backs going into the end zone and Gerard has my arm. And he says, I'm gonna break your bleep bleep arm to break your bleeping bleep an arm. I know drawer noted, okay. The plays over. No, no. I was legitimately concerned. He was going to snap my arm right there. And like just to think what is going on in your head. During a pro football game that while a guys blocking you, you think you know what rather than trying to disengage here and make the tackle?.

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