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Tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. So I feel like interviewing Michael Golic about his career. Because I'm scared of how this call situation is going to end up going with him Stugotz doesn't seem to have a whole lot of confidence back there in the calls that he is screamed I have confidence in four out of the five okay. Line two is not a call that I screened okay but the other four or ones that ice cream that I feel pretty confident we are not going to be embarrassed by playing these songs for Michael. Dolan back because I feel like I feel like I've made a terrible error. I feel like I should have just left this alone. We had a success on Friday. I should have moved away from it and felt good about myself. I find myself even grateful. That DOLE EAC hasn't yet picked up. Mike's Phone Call as Mike tries to hunt him down. I almost wanted just segue pivot here even though it's disappointing to the audience because we can't get a hold of Michael Dolan. I WANNA pivot to Bill James at the Sloan Conference. I guess it's terrible pivot willing to go anywhere. I am willing to go to Bill James at the Sloan Conference instead of going to Michael Dolan. Act because the this is what I told you. This is what I told you last week. The reason that I'm scared of going to callers in general taking callers. He's calling a whole different perspective back. You can actually see what I mean. It's either Bill James. I don't know So Bill James said at the Sloan at the Sloan Conference he said some of you may not remember baseball. Used to be fun to watch. He's he fill your Dan calculator. Bill JAMES IS GETTING TIRED OF BASEBALL BILLY. If I had a conversation the other day behind the scenes with Anthony. We don't need to get too into it but it was basically. If numbers ever turned on human beings it would be bill. James's fault in this world calculators would be giving you the wrong information because they're just tired of humans and all the stuff that they put them through and it all comes down to Bill James Turning numbers against humans. I've never been more nervous. Sign Sixteen years of doing this show and the only Elliot's very defensive about baseball. Mike do we have any songs? Do we have a good batch of songs before I go to the live songs? We have a decent batch of songs. I'd like to get ratings from Michael. Dolan back from zero to ten ten being his highest score zero obviously being the lowest Michael. Thank you again for making time for this nonsense. Did people stop you all weekend wanting to talk about the DOLE EAC SONG? No no no. I was in Canada so I avoided all that I was. Just you know seeing a little bit so it was. It was easy. Okay so you avoid all the Paparazzi. You avoid all the people asking you about the songs. Are you ready to To rank these songs Sort of American idol. America's got talent. We've only got one judge here. It is ten year NBA Center. Michael Dole EAC. Are you ready Michael? I'm ready all right. So let's play the first offering from Michael Dolan back. I'm wincing cringing. Fearful he Michael donate them. Dono at Yep Out in Levy one. You don't don't take it to retain I actually like that one. That's the only good one that got today Dole EAC. What are your thoughts there? Give that a solid six. Oh we're in trouble I. That's the good stuff trouble. Came out of the Mines. Trying to heal my. I don't think we're going to do better than a six today. Let's see what we have. Mike thinks he might have something totally. Act Like my do we do we do. I want Michael to we really do. We Act Res All delightful awful. It's got to be an aid. Don't try and the jury how do you I I asked about. I can better seven all right any other back. They're worth playing. Is there anything there worth play? Boom boom boom boom mic brings all his boys to the yard and he's the game is better than yours. Damn it's better than your. He will teach you how to take get charged like brings all this yard man. That's a good one. We just got never tasted. I give that a five. Oh that one so Mike. You've got one more. Do you go to the best one now that we have from the earlier parts of the show because Michael Duly axes a tough judge. Pryor on adult you know that he's not whack and Michael Bell and if they're GONNA do act on a dully yeah. I think he played which acts that. Michael and in avid smokes crack really fell apart at the end. I was pretty good. You don't smoke crack and you can't smoke. That's what I keep saying. A DULL EAC all right. I've got some live callers. I'm scared of all gave. It merged abby. You're on with Michael Dolan this Go Go ahead merged goalie back Ramstein. I don't even know what to say to that. That's that's well you do hostile Raoul. You're on with Michael Dole EAC Royale. Go ahead you've averaged four point nine points per game. Play by chat keys low neo but you want a championship with the he. You WanNa raise your name is Michael. Go Good God. He sang it so.

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