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So go back to doing the same thing that you would think the entire cell setup is against rob within four business and i mean if someone's been the prison they've served their time of the time when they come out they should be able to just do whatever they're doing before i think it shouldn't just be like they said that time change the behavior saying but that's supposed to happen this saying that's supposed to happen in prison so people see prisoners just go there sit down do your taking then come out is supposed to be you go there then get the counseling at and people are coming out well because i see a similar thing we've led the army people going into the army that being trained to do certain things they do that toys and stuff and then they come back out on the street and then they can't get your up saying saving the people who have done good for us in that and then they come back in there in the same situation is someone who went to prison right with as a whole is failing in some way and that's really that's grim i didn't even know that is only when i said documentaries about people coming from cutter stone and coming from iraq and stuff and they're saying oh i used to do this in army but this is relevant in the real world you know what i mean no one want someone who doesn't show that this trained to do that's what i know really yeah in the army i think isn't like several strikes i e can do obviously on the front line and they just basically that fight in combat but then also the people that work in the army navy royal airforce sudan engineering and they're getting the qualifications to do that the ones that will come out better than the people that were in the front front is i mean it's funny because the way that they time to tend to recruit them as straight out of school ones that don't.

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