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Officials has said the crash appeared to be accidental. There were no signs of mechanical failure. Okay, so you can identify some songs right away. Sometimes just by the sound of the guitar. Some phony guitars won't be making their way into the recording studio or on stage. When you hear this solo, you can picture Jimmy page on his Gibson double neck guitar that was just one of 36 counterfeit guitars seized the Dulles Airport. 36 different shipments came in one day in December from China. Gibson's fenders, Martin's and one Paul Reed Smith, guitar, Customs and Border Protection officers checked the mouth. All counterfeit the most expensive was a Gibson a stray lead guitar valued at $9000 Good cars were headed to 21 States feel Log stain. Wtl P. News money News Ahead. 6 24 blocks data to everything D to a platform drives fast, confident decisions and decisive actions through powerful real time insights to ensure mission success. Here's Julianne Evita chief technical advisor. Public sector was flunk. Really all after is not just modernization for modernization, say, because that's what we should do, but I like to talk about it. In terms of providing a sublime citizen experience, Splunk helps agencies turned data into doing learn more. Visit Splunk dot com slash public sector that.

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