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Thank you victoria for the introduction and starting to out and for running the control board i victoria has got us a new studio temporarily to record in and that may be why my voice sounds a little bit different. She says it will sound better. we will. We shall see as victoria said at the beginning. We are felon file. Which is a podcast discussion of crime. Punishment law enforcement issues court cases. The good guys. The bad guys criminals and such with stories from the past president of future that i hope you guys will find interesting starting out. We're gonna talk about a recent occurrence. This information came out the week that i'm doing this recording fairly good news. I believe a bunkum. County judge judge calvin hill dismissed a misdemeanor charge against a former senior asheville. Police officer anthony sore angela. Tarantula had been accused striking intoxicated man during an arrest on hendersonville road in february one year ago. A twenty twenty. He was charged in june of twenty. Twenty judge calvin hill dismissed misdemeanor. Simple assault case against him this past friday february twelfth after the buck county district attorney presented its evidence. The north carolina state bureau of investigation conducted a review of the incident and found zero evidence that my client had done anything other than defend himself. According to soar angelo's attorney the truth is my client was arresting on an individual according to the attorney while being taken into custody that arrest. T repeatedly kicked my client in the groin. His stopped the assault. My client struck the arrest. He wants the facts. Were never in question and the law was always on his side. The officer is a member of the north carolina. 'bout chapter of the north carolina police benevolent association were pba. They helped get the attorney and provided legal assistance for the officer. The pba is now looking at the looking at the possibility of civil action against the bulk of canada district. Attorney mr todd williams for what they call as militias prosecution They had sat down with district attorney and sent him numerous letters to explain the circumstances of the incident. The da did provide a statement to the media quote last march. I requested that north carolina. Sbi conducted investigation after the asheville police department referred an officers use of force to me for review. The state bureau of investigation investigated the incident in obtained a criminal summons after a showing of probable cause to a magistrate. My office proceeded to trial and presented evidence which included bodycam footage to the core. The state respects but disagree with judge hills ruling dismissing charges against the officer at the close of the state's evidence. Excuse me scott. I wanted to ask earlier. If you know judge hill. I mean from your time working at the asheville police department. Yes actually. I do know chech- him. I testified before judge hill. Then judge hill was the defense attorney for a defended. I was prosecuted. I have the utmost respect for judge hill. He's very very smart man in very tall. But i do not see judge. You'll making a mistake in his ruling after reviewing the evidence. It's unfortunate that it took on tire year to get the case in court where the officer could have his name clear. There has been a large support. Four anthony in the community and hopefully he'll get back to his law enforcement career. Now if you go back to february of twenty twenty asheville police department released a press. Release that. I've got a copy of the release stated that. Wow officers attempted to rest this individual intoxicated person. They responded to the man who was lying on hendersonville road. He was in the roadway intoxicated. He became agitated and combative. The officer was assisting him into a patrol vehicle and they confirmed force was used during the rest and according to the release after reviewing the events. The police the asheville police chief. david zack. Determine data criminal investigation was necessary and the bunk county district. Attorney's office was notified that was in february in march. The fbi was requested to conduct the independent investigation and once it was completed it was submitted to the district attorney's office and after review the district attorney. Mr williams requested that the state bureau investigation charge the officer with misdemeanor simple assault. He was charged in place on investigative suspension pending the completion of an internal review. And unfortunately his employment was terminated in september of twenty twenty. I'm glad anthony's name has been cleared that he was acting in defense. He was acting in defense of himself. And i wish him a very good law enforcement career in the future. As do i thank you antony your service and good luck. This next story comes from the west. Coast in oregon. A mother going to a butcher shop in beaverton oregon left her car running in front of the shop. Not unusual a lot of people do that. It's also not unusual. That a carjacker will steal the car while it sitting there idling this time in particular though.

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