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To the hawk line with the puck head the side to Kane hawk line to Anisimov over the duck line left wing side and Easter Moffitt the point now holding flipping it down the boards behind the duck net to the right corner. Cain leaves it there for Saad Saad turning now on shore once and then twice now behind the duck net right corner. Patrick kane. Kane tried to center the deep slot. And then next Jones got a stick in their deflecting that puck to center ice. It's taken by gusts to send a Seabrook. Short of the doc line on the left wing, and he'll fire it down the boards in behind the Anaheim nut Manson back to stop it. Three twenty left in the third tied at three Nansen between the circles pass up the left wing at center ice. I'm sure we'll fire it across the rink sprung into the hawk zone right point Senate down the boards behind the net. Corey Perry being checked there by Connor Murphy escapes. The check leaves it for Henry great corner. Adam Henrique around to the right half boards has the hawks net is dislodged for a moment. Here's a shot from from the deep slot that missed the hawks net. Perry was not down in front by CONNER Murphy. Dylan strong hawk line left wing tried to fire. The puck across the rink Magna picks it off got it ahead Henryk over the hawk line into the slot. With a backhand. Santa's name by Corey Crawford. And he'll hold. Two forty two left in the third the hawks and the ducks are tied up at three can the hawks forge ahead and get the extra point find out after this break. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN completely remodeled and beautifully finished..

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