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Be but the entire democrat industrial complex alongside those people that have made a tremendous amount of money on this are sowing the seeds of doubt if they do not get their desired his they do not get their desired outcome in this trial and the activists media of course has been defending maxine waters throughout all of this we played a super cut previously of that representative hakim jeffries response of course attacking republicans cut forty four when kevin mccarthy says he wants to censure representative maxine waters club forty four representative hockey jeffries response cut forty four when you think that Kevin mccarthy has the nerve to say something about anyone when he supported the violent insurrection after the mob attacked. The capital threatened to assassinate. Nancy pelosi kill other members of congress. Hang mike pence he came back to the capital voted to support the big lie which ignited the violent insurrection and continues to play footsie with donald trump. When you've got a situation where. Lauren bogert s matt. Gaetz is a mess margin. Retailer green is a mess. Clean up your mess. Kevin sit this one out and no acknowledgement. Whoever that maxine waters is interfering with a jury deliberation in minneapolis. So it's going to be very interesting item to keep our eyes on of whether or not the country at large and the activists will accept what comes out of minneapolis. We all know how this is likely going to play out. The jury is going to do their job. The jury is either going to be a hung jury. Because they can't decide they're going to have guilty on every account. I think that's unlikely or that. They're going to issue a manslaughter. Verdict and then the judge will have to sense. Derek chauvin based on that maybe five years or ten years and if that happens the country will explode. People will die as a result of this businesses will be burned and looted so basically. We're in a situation that massive civil unrest is almost guaranteed at this moment and this is not just largely but it's solely because of the irresponsibility of our rulers and of the leaders of our country is because of the people that govern our country and have been entrusted with the responsibility to pass down this promise from one generation to the other. Here's a question for you. Aren't leaders calling for call or are they playing into it. Why is it. The activist media is cheering for widespread unrest. What do they get out of that. It's a really interesting question. Why is it that the people in charge actually want unrest. There will unrest because the more discord there is the easier it is to establish a former Dictatorship or a despot a despotic ruler. You see there are several attributes to authoritarianism and tyranny. Rereading nineteen eighty four and brave new world by allthis huxley. Feels if we're living in this strange blend of both of those at the same time. One by george orwell when by allah's huxley and tyrannies a very tricky thing but in order to justify more power and more control. You need a reason you need to explain that at least in the moment or you need to stoke enough fear to give people the argument to to approve that power.

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