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Hand side. Polanco, This ball game is tied a brave you another to strike R B. I urgency of getting it there. So the slider was their fastballs weren't that was one That was too They were not there. This'll. One filed away and then Jose and full protection mode reaches out and he's hustling down the line goes there backhanded, but not near in time. Jose beats the play, and he beats it by plenty. Take Sanchez scores got a surprise for Sergio. It's 43 7th inning runs. This ball club is deadly for the seventh inning. Watch it again. That's a fastball. They've been getting out a Loy inside fastballs all day. But yes. What this time he's looking for. For the first time today have the lead swing in the air. Louise Robert makes the catch and in a year when so many of us have had to be apart. Way all will journey together into October with the White Sox for the first time in 12 years, socks are going to the playoffs. Great things about this series is the twins came to town, and they thought they were better than the white socks, socks. Bad luck this year to a standstill at five and five twins will leave town knowing That this White Sox team is not anything they've faced in the last few years. This team never quits. This team comes back, and this team has pushed him four games back in the loss column with 10 games to go as far as the socks are concerned, that's an ecstatic bunch of guys who battled back again in this one refused to give up and they're going to the playoffs at the very least. Now there's a division of second grade. Over with 10 games to play and going to the playoffs. You will watch October baseball season. It's times like these, you give and give. It's times like these, you learn love. It sounds like I'm your team for both. But I'm a Cubs fan that gives me goose bumps to hear that song playing. How excited White Sox fans are my brother, you people Miller that are diehard Sox fans to Libertyville dudes. All the people that care about White Sox baseball are excited as hell this morning and you should be enjoy it. It's been a long, arduous path and you got a runway that looks like it's going to stretch for a long time. Congrats. Thank you. Pretty cool. I'm so happy for my white socks as we've known each other for a long time, you know? I.

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