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Also origin clean technology and of course our good friends that set the internet security seth internet security drew more download the pats now yeah san diego one of them you know james you wanna mac are you a pc at the moment amount amac amac okay i was on a pc for many years and then we switched over ten dollars off an iphone yes we must for me to exactly do they have pcs i mean they're you know they make him very well be yeah i really have to keep up on your enter by rich antimail order anti every i i i was i was explaining to my daughter's last night's so both of my daughters off the show this on her delaney graduated from the pacific couple sattar's ago with a degree in applied exercise sciences therapy school mckenna finish school graduated last december which actually walking this coming monday and we were good bad was a good i take full credit for my daughter's graduation thank you the the long story short is where i found interesting as we talked about some one of the girls applied for a job i was actually actually asked interview for job what are the whole process they said you know what it was a tough decision but you know this but you know when you get to the area call us almost literally every person's ever worked for me i didn't hire originally or they started intern and then they came fulltime i said i go i go because this is how it's going to work she goes why how did you do before they had the internet and i said well we we have the conversation but i realize the first internet we had james you'll probably members was when you bought a computer at cosco or maybe even called press club america online which is now it will compuserve and prodigy remember that james those are the sort of our failure to all university internet where you whatever service you happen to subscribe to run linda have access to the internet at a time that's right hi i'm linda allergy and that was the end linda alabi was it was a journalist who who basically pitched prodigy prodigies was the school thing to have this thing called email.

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