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So we started here with. Roddy Blute clothes that you mentioned? Yeah, MS and we are the toasted if official tell stuff Yemi season and the Ferraris blue tty certainly you know what is being was what they're handing you. Absolutely. This is what. What they drank at at the at the me too. Yeah. Yeah. And and and what we will drink or we have been ranked for the people who is listening at the governor bowl and don't make sense if you just drink more of it. The time thing, just keep drinking. Okay. Can I ask if you don't mind matassa? I 'cause I'm really interested. I mean, the governor's bowl is a important off departs. Abe all off to parties that on the Emmys enough CPS goes at tonight a few others, but to get to be to come these sparkling wine, what does it take to meet them money aside? Because let's be honest, all these sparkling wines champagnes and things have money. So someone at the he's specifically chose you guys and that's not easy. I'm show. So can you exactly what happened? Because the television are inside of the television academy. The people were organized in taking care of the governable. They knew Friday tasted Ferrari through a personal connection. We'll so with our Brandon bustling United States. So everything stopped it from the commission of the television academy that Ferrari was the right choice, be having the quality and they density in the grocery stick to be served and at. The Emmys which is also interesting because historically, all the event in Los Angeles where dominated by champagne. So we were basically the first probably talion spotting which has been chosen and probably also because we are the most, you know, the most recognized Lovie talion, sparking wine. And so we were, we started this probably starting. We started from personal relationship on the fact that they recognize the quality of karate. So they proposed us to be involving the India museum. The governable the first year was a try for both of us for the television academy in for Ferrari. And he was an amazing experience. I came to Los Angeles and I see remember that it was also a very unique. Dish in because that night, that the governor goal and the rebel Celli was singing and the Shelley's any talion singer. And so I thought he was quite Irish. All right. And the end. And so it was for me was quite special because when I was listening to under which Elian all this, you know, everybody was standing up and clapping and I thought that together with Celli we, we had to element of Italian style inside of this great event at the Ben. Then we had the other edition. This is the fourth time we are coming to the EMMY awards. We are very happy about this partnership also because I've seen, I think that what we are in the last years we have the quality of television production is continuing increasing. And with that also the importance of the Emmys growing. I've seen more and more the best actor than for only the in cinema coming to the television series. I've seen most of the the best director getting involved nowadays in in TV series. So I think the quality of the production and the quality of their all of the event is growing year over year. So we are your partnership. Your partner should came in at just the. Are you guys got in right when streaming Netflix and all this blowing up, which is I remember the first event, you know, once the first event of Amazon enough to event with Amazon, which which to me was impressive. You know Amazon getting into these dissect and then you know a Netflix, and so things are changing so fast. And I think this is really the health space. And what we also like to say is that s Ferrari. We like to celebrate excellence. They Giulio Ferrari started with one strong value which was achieving and pushing excellence in every detail, and this is the same television academy celebrates every year. So the also in this we find that perfect common ground with the television academy. And I have to say it's also a lot of fun to be here for the event. It's it's every year is is a lot of fun because you walk with all these actors and it's an amazing. It's an amazing event. The governor of bullies. Impressive. Because you have fourth four, five thousand people in a very..

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