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Look girl can a cow charlie it's good to hear from you by out yeah i will do that by our good friend you be safe also and have a great trip now we've got gary he's calling from somewhere in tennessee own real tree radio good morning gary an air we are there to gary waite debate towel we build rely accompanying regarded are narrative where you can't be ignored out macos you tired cardboard pro career they've got a bit about retired a cardboard but part of your game got it already got where it tennessee are you calling from gary man are the mountains are a good place we live here also well faye dunaway goodwill et when we like to give free automated after you know i gotcha well appreciation listening to the program and give it a skull was gary good luck to you by our you stay in touch more often okay time you're reading thank you good glad you called they go gary from tennessee hey let's give the radio price package where do you say okay wanna williams is here with us this morning she got up it's it's early to get up in through this program i hope you appreciate the efforts this running the television show the radio program the live streaming the syndicated radio serious 93 this is a full time job and woman williams is my partner in this and now we have a lot of people with lie karen green adjacent buyers in engineers all over the place o on another subject i'll stop talking and we'll do the radio brash back okay assu that if you are a if you've ever want to press package before you're not eligible to win another one mse 18 years or older to win the press package first answers the one that counts and jason will not repeat question okay you can win a voucher for swaggering sausage.

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