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And Brandon McManus and Philipp Grubauer. And will Barton are all going to do it. Why should we read into the Avalanche would not let Philipp Grubauer represent them in a softball game if they weren't planning and assign, Um there's my hot take. Uh, man, this is going to sound like a foreign language. So Jo Jo, See you are The Miz I know him. Cua Vaux, who the texture mentioned. Resident A Are they together in a group Noah back? And then here's some good ones, D. K. Metcalf of the Seahawks CC. Sabathia, former Yankee brewer Indian Vinnie Castillo, Larry Walker, both in it. And then, as I said, you have, um von and Brandon McManus and Philipp Grubauer and will Barton being added in the last 24 hours and then You also on Sunday have the futures game. Where some of the brightest prospects in all of baseball play against each other and an all Star style. Game. I'm looking at a picture or video. Video I am looking at has a dude wearing one of the All Star hats. It's Iraqis, All Star hat. That's black. But all I can see is the Red Sea are the red CR. Crazy. The cure is so bad. So bad. I hear the T shirts and stuff is better. But the jerseys and hats are quite something but anyway. So that's going on on Sunday. I have a pair of tickets I would love To be able to send one of you and a guest, uh, to the festivities on Sunday, So if you are interested Let's do baseball is the keyword texted to 522987 to the 13 texture to do that, when a pair of tickets to this Sunday Stuff at the All Star Game. And then a little bit later on. I'll be given way tickets to the play Ball Park, which is at the convention center. They're going to be a LA legends going through signing autographs. There's a lot of, uh Memorabilia, uh, and, uh, immersive experiences, So I'll be giving away tickets for that coming up in a little bit. But futures game celebrity softball game for now, 5229872. When we come back, I'll be joined by Scott Kanevsky, which means one thing We gotta talk. UFC Conor McGregor, Dustin pour a part. Wah. Who comes out on top tomorrow night. I don't know. That's.

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