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Hotshots and after one stallions and Birmingham at four two one San Antonio five to one with Orlando. And then Atlanta sandiego and Memphis at twelve on Orlando's the play to one on Orlando. That's play. I think you sprinkle a little bit on all three of those twelve the one we not Atlanta. Eight teams we've played one game hackenberg. Keep starting. Atlanta. Actually, let's play this game. How many weeks are there in the season? Ten ten. Yeah. Atlanta or Memphis this week survivor pool. Oh. Island. I'm gonna go right or single which powers because he's playing Zona coach Atlantic and only get better. Let's memphis. Now another question. How many teams make the playoffs here? Fourteen to make the playoffs. Yeah. I think Memphis zero chance to win to win the as more than half. Right. Or was it is more. Six sixteen is more than fifteen. I always forget when they add these franchise. All right show. We gotta get things up. I'm I think. Yeah. We're this is we're all getting tired a lot. If you guys want to hear some college basketball shoot into the college experience, you can go to subscribe eight now the s she dot com, or of course, after that hate mail. I said what do two shows a week? More content. Yeah. Give it a follow on Twitter as well at the s GP network checkout. Kobe Dan on Twitter. I was well at the Colby Coby. Kobe. What's coming up on your next college experience? Bacchus we are. I mean, we're pretty much at my March madness much. They're pretty much right now. So we get matter and manage weakened in college football. I mean, college football college basketball, and obviously we'll talk a little bit. Af you know, we I am you're you're corresponder there. You know, if that yes that works. I have another guy to for what? For a f-. Do we I don't know. I thought he was he got lots of guys call me. We got guys on guys. Let me articles in content where it's lane podcast acts to read lots to do. Lots of shows on the network Connor give him a follow on Twitter. At our seat comedy Ryan on Instagram and check out my podcast yelling at friends. It's me, and my friend Aaron Conroy yelling at each other. Before we go, Sean. Yes. Since Kobe's here, and we did have a bit of a, you know, we had had a serious topic to talk about last time this time I figured I would give him some positive reinforcement ice. We. Five stars, titled the college experience by ally is my hero, Cobi dot dot your college experience podcast, tickles, my fancy I listened to it. Religiously I have a shrine in my closet of the college experience hoodie that I say twelve Harry's twelve hell Mary's for the ATS picks that you give out for that is the number of wins for the UCF football team really run on here. Listeners are losers suicide mysteriously from playing Florida. Keep the picks coming and the sandwiches. Don't get the Soghi references -ssume that means Jackie leading on bread. John get let's get there. Quality show this past weekend. Nine one ATS hole. Go Are you fill. in the spur scaling? Sean stack in the money you're in and he is Ryan let's let's go Zion. Baby Kramer, let.

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