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In California, and a bunch of other countries, including Australia, India, Vietnam, and Brazil have similar minds. The president approving a major disaster declaration in Arkansas, after earlier record breaking rainfall triggered flooding and potential economic losses in the billions in Illinois near Saint Louis with Mississippi River continues to rise. Alton wind Barcelona's is open for business. Despite the matter of feet away from the rising river, code Ryan gray is keeping a sense of humor with the businesses welcomes, yet, says we turned our flood water into wine and vice come on, in, you know, our, our doors wide open. And we just went into everybody know that the floods not stopping us emergency flood is helping Selena and many downtown abors stare sober tourist dollars. Shawn Balint, ABC news. Alton Illinois from rain and flooding to fire ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano firefighters still struggling to contain a fast moving wildfire in Arizona in Phoenix. The so called mountain fire already burning through over seventy two hundred acres in the Tahoe national forest fire crews desperately battling the wildfire from the air trying to slow it down with retarded and water. Investigators say the fire is human cost to civic S electric, cutting power to selected portions of northern California to guard against electric lines like nine wildfires. You're listening to ABC news. Ever wonder why European seemed to speak so many languages? Maybe it's because they use battle the number one selling language learning app era. Babbel's award-winning technology gets you speaking right away. Whether you're learning Spanish, French, or German, and best of all, you'll remember what you've learned I always thought I was bad at languages. But after using battle, I can tell you, I was just taught the wrong way using Babbel's ten to fifteen minute lessons..

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